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I love being lazy. [Dec. 6th, 2009|03:17 pm]
I remind myself of Jason Segel in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" where he wears sweatpants for a week straight. My life.

Recent accomplishments: learning to french braid my hair, creating a website, getting thru a hellish semester of being a piano major.

I cannot wait for next semester. Well, I can. I really wanna go home and revisit all of my friends and spend time with Kyle. I also get to go to San Francisco to meet my sister's new baby which is exciting, but I'm kindof sad I can't be in the snow for Christmas.

I just wanna start my vocal lessons and get all my LAS Core classes out of the way so I can drown my brain in musical knowledge.

I forget that I live in Chicago all the time. It's just become so natural.
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The Crazy Roommate [Nov. 5th, 2009|08:42 pm]
"Hi, my name is Blair. I can do hair, make-up, take good photos, and fuck your brains out," Blair Dungeon.

Crazy roommates are (not) fun.
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Highlights of Weeks of Welcome [Sep. 3rd, 2009|10:16 am]
- Went to a Columbia-run concert where there was free vitamin water and free condoms from Common Ground a.k.a. the Bridges of Columbia College.

- Found an INCREDIBLE chocolate shop a few blocks from my apartment. The designs are amazing and the taste is even better.

- Met some incredible friends who I already know I'll be hanging out with most of this year.

- Went to Connections (a seminar for the music department) where random students went up on stage and were given some music, chords, etc. and played a song while everyone else sang along to a melody we were taught. 

- Got my meal card at the University Center. The cafeteria and UC are INCREDIBLE. So V.I.P. The suites there are literally Real World penthouses.

- Went to the Columbia Store where I bought some apparel and found where I could pick up my textbooks that I ordered online. $600. Damn you, music classes. My Theory book alone is $188.

- My friend Emily and I found a sheet music store (also only a few blocks away) run by one of the Piano professors at Columbia. I bought Coldplay's Parachutes, "Love Song," and "You Belong With Me." We also talked to Bette Coulson (the owner/professor) who remembered me from auditions and will also be Emily's private piano instructor.

- Went to a multicultural picnic where there was free food. From there, we saw Delirious Darius an illustration major who teaches himself songs on the piano. We then went to the Hilton hotel and he played piano fro 30 min in the lobby, while his friend Watermelon stood dancing, singing, and holding a hat out for $$.

- Then I came home to Laura's potluck and I was so tired I just locked myself in my room and skyped with Molly and my parents.

Incredible day. I love my school so much. The area I live is so great and there are always things to do. When Kyle comes and visits, Regina Spektor will be in town so I'm gonna try and get us tickets. Also, today will be my first Chicago bus ride. AHHH!! I love life.
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Day 2 [Aug. 28th, 2009|12:59 pm]
I don't even know how to describe what I'm feeling lately. It's like I'm in a constant state of depression. I don't want to leave Kyle. I'm so scared.
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Day 10 [Aug. 21st, 2009|12:42 pm]
I spent the day with Kyle. We went to Royal Oak and then Holiday market to buy burgers to make for dinner. We came home and made french fries (on the grill which caught on fire and I heroically put out with gloves), the burgers, and a salad. Q and K ate with us and Q told many, many jokes.

Afterwards, we played a fierce game of tennis and then picked up Molly and Alec to see "The Time Traveler's Wife." It was decent, but the best part was the "time traveling fetus" which apparently can actually happen AND Kyle getting shushed numerous times for his showtalking.

It's still pretty surreal that I'm leaving in 9 days, but it's slowly becoming reality and I'm getting scared about leaving home and leaving the person I love.
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I have Shania Twain in my head. Not good. [Aug. 6th, 2009|12:44 pm]
I hate August for many reasons, which I don't feel like discussing right now because it will only make me sad.

I'm starting to really get my shit together for school. I went to Costco yesterday with Kyle and he helped me squish - we had to debox the wicker cabinets and lay it horizontally on my backseat - a microwave, toaster, and wicket cabinets into my little Toyota Camry. It feels strangely adult. The woman at Costco checking my receipt asked if Kyle and I were moving into a house together and after declining, I regretted not telling her my life story of how I was knocked up by "this bastard" and we decided to have a shotgun wedding before moving into his basement.

Prior to Costco, Kyle and I trained my mom a bit for our tennis match again her and Q tonight at 7 p.m., Berkley courts. If you wanna see an asswhopping, be present. She "served" the ball and fell straight on her ass. How is that possible? Kyle and I will probably lose in some freak accident because Q will be GREAT at tennis or something strange will happen with Karen's tennis abilities.

We went to Pei Wei (so good) for dinner before heading to Molly's for RW: Cancun. It was sooo nice to have a big gathering and SEE SLAMI FARFLAT!!!!! I missed that aroma of cigarettes and good cologne. :)

I would like to close out with Joey from RW: Cancun's last words: "Bone it up."
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Weirdass Week. [Jun. 7th, 2009|11:06 pm]
What an awful week. Wisdom teeth, awkward situations, and me being a dumbass. Thankfully, the Wings turned it all around last night after winning and I knew things would be alright. Oh, but not before Sara and I rolled down the Red Robin hill (I now have bruises all over my hamstrings) and a fucking stink beetle found its way into my car and unleashed a fury of stink.

Today, I saw The Hangover which was GREAT. I also saw Natalie there and fuck, do I miss that girl.

Ahhh. Here's to a week of yoga and sleep!
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"The Devil Wears Prada" is on F/X and therefore, I'm content. [Jun. 3rd, 2009|09:28 pm]
I got my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday and it really hasn't been that bad. The anesthesia was one of the best moments of my young life and now I'm on pain killers which make me... interesting to say the least.

It's so surreal to me that school is over. I keep having dreams that I still have homework or that I lost my ID. I believe it's because I have to keep returning to the school for several unnecessary reasons (choir banquet, graduation rehearsal, cap and gown pick-up).

I'm going to get a yoga membership this summer because I wanna get in shape before I head off to college. I'm already making a list of things I want to do in the long and short term future. I don't wanna take any of this for granted.

I feel like I'm dreaming as a write this.
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God, it feels like summer. [May. 25th, 2009|12:38 pm]
Setting: a bonfire at JJ's house.

Conflict: even with his Boyscout abilities, Tyler cannot get the fire to remain burning.
Solution: we decide to chop wood.

Kyle Schultz as he's chopping lumber and nearly breaks one in half, "It's coming." Sami Farhat responds, "So am I."

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I love my life. [May. 16th, 2009|01:31 am]
When it's pouring rain outside, all I think about is you.

Senior Service Day was incredible. Devin Bazzell ate a tulip. A fucking tulip. Then we played kickball for an hour.

The Spring Choir Concert also was incredible. My duet with Sara went remarkably well and afterwards we had a nice time with some old friends.

I can't believe I have only 2 weeks left of BHS. It seems like I was just applying to colleges a few days ago.
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